Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda

ASD Board Meeting Agenda

June 13, 2018 @ 6:30pm

The Annual Meeting to be opened and run by Jenn Cava until Board Chair has been elected.

  1. Extension of terms for existing Board seats up for renewal (obtain formal acknowledgement by each member):

    • Dave Alukonis extend x year(s)

    • Greg Czuba extend 1 year

  • Kent Glossop extend 1 year

  • Kim Lavallee extend 2 years and switch to external

  • Heather MacDonald extend 1 year

  1. Board Officers – election of officers

    • Chair
      At this point the newly elected Chair will take over running the remainder of the meeting.

    • Vice Chair

    • Treasurer

    • Secretary

    • Clerk

  2. Committees

    • Review current committees - add, eliminate or change any current committees (purpose).  Current committees: Facilities, Finance, Personnel, Policy, Strategic Planning/Initiatives and Outreach, and Trustee Membership

    • Committee Chairs

  3. Public comments

  4. Approve minutes from previous meeting

    • May 9, 2018 Board Meeting
      May 9, 2018 Board Meeting - Sealed Closed Session

  5. Consent Agenda

    • EB - Safety Program V2

    • EBCE - School Closings

  1. Policies - All first reading

    • Draft Admissions Policy V5

    • Draft Enrollment Policy

    • Draft CBI - Evaluation of the Director

    • Draft CB - School Director

    • Draft ILBA - Student Educational Progress, Program Assessment/Evaluation, and Standardized Assessments

  1. Items of Board Business

    • Board Chair

      • FY2019 Federal Funds General Assurances
        NHDOE LEA GA Letter for FY18-19
        NHDOE LEA GA FY 18-19

      • NHDOE Bureau of Federal Compliance (BFC)
        The NHDOE to comply with requirements from the Federal Government has created the Bureau of Federal Compliance (BFC) to monitor usage of Federal Funds distributed by the NHDOE. This will increase scrutiny on the usage of Federal funds and associated auditing. The BFC will be assessing risk for each Local Education Agency (LEA) to determine auditing schedules.

    • Board Treasurer

      • Budget update

  1. Director's Report

  2. Faculty & Student Affairs

    • Faculty report

    • Student Body report

  1. Committee Reports

    • Facilities (Pete Bewley)

    • Finance (Dave Alukonis)

    • Policy (Greg Czuba)

    • Strategic Planning/Initiatives and Outreach (Rod Conard)

    • Trustee Membership (Rod Conard)

    • Personnel (Kim Lavallee)

  1. Next Meeting

    • Next meeting date

      • Decide to meet or not on July 11, 2018

      • August 8, 2018

    • Recommended agenda items

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