ASD Faculty & Staff


Jennifer Cava Director Email Mrs. Cava
Jessica Golden 
Assistant Director Email Mrs. Golden
Kym Harmon Business Manager Email Mrs. Harmon
Amy Bewley Coordindator of Marketing & Communications  Email Mrs. Bewley
Stephanie Dumoski Coordinator of Curriculum and Scheduling Email Ms. Dumoski
Bonnie Doyle Registrar/Admissions Email Mrs. Doyle
Lisa Moser Office Manager Email Mrs. Moser

Department Chairpersons

Douglass Belley Humanities Department Email Mr. Belley
Karen Legault Mathematics Department Email Mrs Legault
Jessica Golden Guidance Department Email Mrs. Golden
Renee MacDonald Science Department Email Dr. MacDonald


Douglass Belley Learning Studios, Humanities Email Mr. Belley
Camille Biafore Computer Science, Algebra 1 Email Ms. Biafore
Kimberly Cashin Humanities Email Mrs. Cashin
Janice Caywood Aerospace Email Ms. Caywood
Susan Chauvette Social Studies, Gr. 6 Email Mrs. Chauvette
Angela Cooper Mathematics Email Miss Cooper
Stephanie Dumoski Advanced Mathematics
Email Ms. Dumoski
Abbas Farazdel Physics, Quantum Physics, Adv. Mathematics Email Dr. Farazdel
Emily Fee Humanities Email Ms. Fee
Andrew French Technology, Environmental Science Email Mr. French
Sarah Frischknecht Mathematics, German Email Mrs. Frischknecht
Kelly Gousios Monitor Email Mrs. Gousios
Kevin Harbison Aviation & Aerospace, Space Science Email Mr. Harbison
Stuart Harmon Humanities,Film Studies Email Mr. Harmon
Alexandra Hytner Mathematics Email Ms. Hytner
Samina Iqbal Computer Science, Art Email Mrs. Iqbal
James Jenkins Humanities Email Mr. Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins Music Email Mr. Jenkins
Ellie Kaufman Humanities Email Ms. Kaufman
Karen Legault Mathematics Email Mrs. Legault
Harry Lowenthal Spanish Email Sr. Lowenthal
Renee MacMacdonald Biology/Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry Email Dr. MacDonald
Susan Mack Biology/Chemistry Email Mrs. Mack
Bruce MacMahon Physics, Engineering Email Mr. MacMahon
Nicole Manni Art Email Mrs. Manni
Chris Marsh Biology/Chemistry Email Mr. Marsh
Jay O'Connell Mathematics, Gr. 6 Email Mr. O'Connell
Rebecca Patterson History Email Mrs. Patterson
Carolyn Perez Biology/Chemistry Email Ms. Perez
Bridget Phillips Science, Gr. 6 Email Mrs. Phillips
Andrea Rebovich Biology/Chemistry, Advanced Biology Email Ms. Rebovich
Christine Rohr Engineering & Technology, Gr. 6 Email Mrs. Rohr
Madge Smith Computer Science Email Mrs. Smith
Patty Sockey Learning Studios, Humanities Email Mrs. Sockey
Joseph Tissot Spanish Email Mr. Tissot
Mollie van Wagner Language Arts, Gr. 6 Email Mrs. van Wagner
Weining Xu Mandarin Chinese Email Mrs. Xu


Caitlin Belley High School Guidance Counselor Email Mrs. Belley
Tracy Malloch, RN
School Nurse Email Nurse Malloch
Shannon Michaels Attendance Secretary, Reception Email Mrs. Michaels
Seth O'Mahony Middle School Guidance Counselor Email Mr. O'Mahony
Susie Peacock Attendance Secretary, Reception Email Mrs. Peacock

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