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  • Scrip Gift Cards
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If you are not familiar with Scrip, it is a program where you purchase gift cards online from hundreds of local and national retailers. You pay face value for the gift card, and ASD gets a rebate, ranging between 2% and 17% depending upon the retailer.  There is NO EXTRA COST to you!  

Order Scrip gift cards now for daily expenses, basket-fillers, gifts and of course those spring break expenses. To participate, go to www.shopwithscrip.com and click on Get Started. ASDEF’s enrollment code is 1L243F3426252. Payment is by check made out to ASDEF or online via PrestoPay. Please see Mrs. Michaels at the front desk if you have any questions. 

What’s Schoola all about? They partner with schools (us!) and together we collect high-quality, well cared-for used clothes and accessories for toddlers, kids and women. Schoola pays to ship our clothes to their warehouse and then sells them online.

This is the amazing part—Schoola gives $2 from every $5 sale back to ASD to fund whatever we need, our choice! That means if we collect 500 items that they can sell for $5 (or more), we could earn $1,000. Our first week long collection drive has ended, but you can send clothing all year long. Simply go to the Schoola ASD Page and request a bag or stop by the table in the lobby and pick up a postage paid sticker. 



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